Today, the world yearns for God. And finds God hidden in love. 

And so today I find hope.  I find hope in the eyes of my wife and children. In the heart of my best friend and buddy, and in myself as I continue to listen for the word of God made flesh in and through me.  There is hope today because the world continues to yearn for God.  And as long as we continue to yearn, we will find the God that loves us and makes us One.

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  1. Brian,
    I experience this as a beautiful statement of hope and conviction. Your expression, together with learning of your journey and experiencing your energy and passion, stirs a new hope within me. Thank you for inviting us as men to recognize our need for multifaceted relationships – our hearts’ deepest desire. Openness to relationships where we allow ourselves to be vulnerable (even to “yearning”) is to experience the incarnation of Christ in new and fresh ways.


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