Words can comfort us, shift our perspective, move us from our head to our hearts. And certain words have more power than others.

One of those words we don’t hear much about these days is: yearning.


Yearning’s an intense longing or desire; a hunger or thirst for something or someone outside our grasp.

Yearning has a cotton-candy sweetness about it, a gentleness. It’s a word we feel with our heart. It puffs mystery.

Yearning has the power to take the edge off the free-floating anxiety we so often experience. It reminds us we’re naturally wired to long for more—more love—more compassion—more beauty and creativity. Interior freedom. Soul-filled living.

Yearning spills into our hearts. It soothes the free-floating anxiety we often experience shifting our focus from our nervous minds toward our longing, desiring hearts.

Yearning has a different energy than anxiety.

Anxiety is fear-based. It manifests itself in over-thinking minds scouring us with worry, apprehension, fretfulness about the future. Concern about things outside our control.

Yearning is love-based. It rises from our hearts; washes over our soul like a whisper, a puff of warm soft breath. Yearning is comfortable with mystery, knowing our deepest desires are seeds for something more.

Yearning inspires us to connect with our heart’s desires, inviting us to ask ourselves the bottomless question: What do I really want?

Yearning nudges us with its spirit of truth to dig deeper, climb higher, love harder even when life stings.

When we notice free-floating anxiety buzzing around our heads like a pesky fly, we can swat it turning our anxiousness into yearning by asking ourselves: What is my deepest desire? And trusting our hearts will live into the answers.

Ponder:  Yearning is a seed for something more.


 Brian Plachta

September 2015



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