Wisdom’s Magic Key

My college philosophy professor used to say that true knowledge/wisdom was simple. Pure. Organic. And, she said, it could be reduced to one word or phrase that embodied everything we needed to know for her final exam.

Life too can be that simple if we want. Easy. Reduced to a straightforward formula to lead and guide us, to help us know we’re on the right track.

  • Love God.

  • Love yourself.

  • Love others.

That’s the key. The formula. The simple phrase we can use to check-in with ourselves to see if we’re living successfully.

We need to love God, not because God needs our love, but because we need to be plugged into the source of Wisdom, the creative abundance that comes from a higher power directing our steps along life’s pathway to keep us on track and moving forward.

We also need to love ourselves, to appreciate our gifts and talents, our unique presence in the world. We need to develop a healthy respect for ourselves as a source of love and goodness. And as we learn to love ourselves we learn to be honest with our strengths and shortcomings. We recognize how we have expanded and matured and yet still need to grow and transform continuing to develop into the inspired source of love we’ve been created to be.

When we’re connected to God and ourselves, we’re then able to allow God’s love to flow in and through us to others. We radiate peace, joy, and encouragement from an inner light glowing within our Souls and out into the world.

With this simple formula we can put aside the many complexities of life. We can reduce life’s exam questions to a simple test: Do I love God, others, and myself?

That’s the enchanted key to successful living.


 Do I love God? How do I express my love for God?

Do I love myself? How? In what ways?

Do I love others? How do they know I love them? How do I show it?


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