Where Did I Go Right?

When I look back on my life I think:

Where did I go right?   

—The Warren Brothers


 We often kick ourselves in the tail when our life takes an unexpected turn for the worse asking, where did I go wrong?  And maybe that’s an important question at times so we can gain wisdom from our mistakes.  But how often do we ask ourselves, where did I go right? Perhaps this is a more important question because it helps us keep our lives on track, it keeps us out of the ditches on life’s highway.

 Where did I go right?  In choosing my life partner, in raising my children, in building a business?  Where do I see the fruit of my hard work here and now in my life?  Where do I see the commitment I have put into loving relationships with my friends and family paying off because those relationships are working, they’re life-giving for me and for others in my life.

 Where did I go right in continuing to believe in God even when I sometimes shake my fist at him and wonder why he feels so absent?  Where did I go right in choosing the gentle discipline of getting up early each morning to sit in the silence simply listening for God’s voice?  Where do I see the results of this daily ritual rubbing off on my life offering me more peace and balance, helping me find my center again when life throws its curve balls at me?

Perhaps the where-did-I go-right question needs to be one of those core questions I ask myself more often to help me understand life and myself more readily.  And by asking the question, I have the opportunity to reflect upon my life and see the gentle tapestry being woven with threads of guiding wisdom.


Game Plan:  Spend some time in the quiet gently asking yourself, where did I go right?  What do you hear when you listen to the question answering itself within you?


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