We Are the Resurrection

We live our lives as faithfully as we can. Raising our children. Laboring at our jobs. Tending the chores that need to be done around our homes.

And in the midst of our obscure daily tasks we find joy, yet also experience bitterness. Scorn. Hardship.

Life takes its toll on our hearts—just as it did on the Christ-man who went about doing good each day. Tending his tasks with carpenter hands.

And we like him die a little each day. We become angry, hopeless, tethered by the negativism that we see in man’s disrespect for life and each other.

Yet, like the Christ-man we too are the resurrection. We are the eighth day: Easter.

We have been handed the Carpenter’s tools to build the Kingdom of Love here on earth. Now. In this moment. In every moment.

Every good deed we do, every task we accomplish with love, builds the Kingdom of Love brick-by-brick, stone-by-stone, task-by-task.

We are the Resurrection. We are the Light of the World in the midst of its darkness. We have been enlisted, invited, requested, to pick up our lives each day and build the Kingdom of Love.

And every act of love builds the foundation, elevates the walls, lifts up the trusses that make up the Kingdom we are building. If we only knew. If we only saw with the eyes of our hearts how every act we do with compassion strengthens the house of love. Furnishes it with peace. Decorates its mantle with hope.

The Carpenter has handed us his tools. Empowered us with His Spirit. And we are building the eighth day, the Kingdom of Love, one obscure task at a time. Together.


 How does your perspective shift when you realize you are the Resurrection?

 How does every act of love you do take on new significance?

 What part of the Kingdom of Love are you building?



brian plachta





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