Vow of Unconditional Happiness

Vow of Unconditional Happiness

If you decide that you’re going to be happy from now on for the rest of your life, you will not only be happy, you will become enlightened. 

—Michael Singer

I’ve recently made a key decision in my life; a decision I hope will mark a turning point, a shift; a defining moment for me.

After reading and thinking and meditating, I have decided to take a vow of unconditional happiness.  No matter what happens in life, good or bad, if people come and go, if people love me or hate me, I will remain open and happy.  I choose here and now to be unconditionally happy.

Happiness, Michael Singer writes in The Untethered Soul, is the highest pathway to God.  If we want to be close to God, he says, learn to be joyful.  If we remain spontaneously happy and centered no matter what, we will find God.

I think Singer is onto something.  I know that in those moments when I experience a deep sense of appreciation for everything that is given to me, I feel a rush of energy within my heart.  I feel lighter, open, free;  like a flute flowing with breath.  In those times when I remember to be happy, life feels like a journey of joy, I experience a pathway of light. I feel God close to me.  In those moments of gratitude I simply enjoy the given moment without having to understand or cling to it.  I learn to appreciate the mystery of life without having to comprehend it.

 That is how I choose beginning today to live, to be happy and open and free no matter what circumstances I experience.  Perhaps that is how the Eternal created us, simply to be happy.

 And so as I sit here this morning writing, watching the first snowfall of winter unfold its beauty across the deep evergreen branches outside my window lined with lucscious pockets of white snow, I look up to the sky and silently say thank you, knowing these few words of gratitude are enough for me and the Creator, here and now, in this moment linked to eternity.  We are open. Happy.  We afre  Free.

 Game Plan:  What would it be like if you chose to be unconditionally happy?  Can you choose happiness here and now no matter what happens?  What do you experience when you do

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