Unlearn Something Today

When were born our parents coddled us. Protected us. We felt secure. Embraced. Held.

 But somewhere down the road we began to experience the harshness of the world.

 We were bombarded with mass media’s messages telling us we needed to buy certain products to feel safe and loved. We had to accomplish certain tasks, achieve and excel at a certain career, have a body mass index of twelve if we wanted to feel complete.

 And if we didn’t have the perfect life, body or level of accomplishments there was something wrong with us.

 These illusions became a constant babble in our heads until we unconsciously accepted them. We began to feel unsafe. Unloved. Inadequate.

 The original Truths about ourselves—that we are loved and complete just the way we are—were replaced with falsehoods.

 If we want to get back to our original blessing, the original Truths, our task is to unlearn the untruths and return to authentic reality: we are loved. We are safe. We are good.

 It takes a certain fierceness to stand in this original truth, to return to what we were born into but unlearned along the way.

 We have to stand against the illusions shot at us by CNN, People magazine, and Men’s Health since they only sell sizzle and rub our noses in disaster.

 We have to be fierce enough to stand in the truth of who we are; develop a gentle inner strength that’s neither violent nor aggressive, yet assertive.

 So how do we get back to the truth? How do we unlearn the false illusions we’ve picked up along the way?


 Listen to the Voice of Truth that comes from our souls; the place from where God speaks to each of us through the inner voice of love; a deep sense of knowing that we experience in our hearts.

 Listening for the inner voice of love requires us to differentiate between the battering noise in our mind and the quiet whisper in our soul.

 It takes time, practice, and a gentle discipline of creating quiet times throughout our day to relax and sit in the silence, letting the rattletrap mind settle down so the soul can speak within us.

 The truth will set us free. We just have to quiet ourselves enough to hear its voice so we can unlearn the falsehoods we’ve picked up along the way.

 Ponder this week:

 Remember who you are, whose you are.

 Stand fiercely & compassionately in your original truth & integrity.

 Remember your face before you were born.



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