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For many of us, the first thing we do when we get up in the morning is turn on our cell phone or plug into social media so we reconnect with the world. For some reason the desire to find out whom texted or emailed us during the night is a compelling need, a knee jerk reaction when our eyes first open.


While technology is a good thing when used in moderation, it can also be a distraction, an interference with our relationships.


Recall what it’s like when you’re at a meal and the people you’re eating with have their nose jammed into their cell phone texting or emailing someone. There’s a sense the person is not really present to you.   Their minds are somewhere else. They’re not listening to us.


It’s the same with our relationship with God and our Souls. When we’re plugged into cyber space chat, we’re distracted. We’re not able to talk and listen with God. We’re not even present to ourselves.


So, what if instead of plugging into our cell phones and email the first thing in the morning, we plugged into God by setting aside the first twenty minutes of our day to sit in the Quiet and talk with God?


In the Quiet we connect with our Higher Power. We thank God for waking up and taking our first morning breathe.


We look over our calendar with God and ask him to help us prioritize our task list.


We bring any problems we’re troubled with to God asking him for guidance and wisdom on how to handle and respond to the situation.


We listen. Wait. Bask in the Silence. Ponder.


If the noisy chatter in our heads starts to overwhelm us we can simply ask God for a word or phrase, a metaphor to hold in the Quiet and carry into our day.


Mother Theresa required both herself and her nuns that worked with her to spend an hour in silent prayer first thing every morning. A reporter asked her what she did in that hour.


Her response was simple: She told God she loved him and he told her he loved her. This daily connection with her Soul allowed her to go into the streets of Calcutta and serve the dying and the lost, to be the compassionate presence of Christ for those who had no one to care for them.


Fasting from technology for the first twenty minutes each day and replacing that time with daily Quiet may be just the nudge we need to find the deeper peace and balance, the wisdom we’ve been looking for. The time we spend alone with God and our Soul might be an awesome kick-start, the most important part of our day.




Try setting aside the first twenty minutes of the day for Quiet time, time to speak and listen to your Soul, to connect with God.

Observe how this gentle practice shapes your day, becomes part of your daily routine.

Notice. Do you experience deeper peace, guidance?

 Can you give yourself the gift of Quiet each day?

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