Transformed by Beauty

Transformed by Beauty

Some people, no matter how old they get, never lose their beauty, they merely move it from their faces into their hearts.

– Martin Buxbaum

Deep, dark California redwoods dripping with the smell of earthy pine, cathedral toward a majestic blue sky.

Ocean waters crescendo against emerald granite peaks timeworn by swells of ancient seas.

White-tailed deer sprint across coastal cliffs heralding the dawn’s morning sun.

How can I fully comprehend the majesty of the grandeur I see before me? How do I grasp the simplicity within this unfolding wonder? How do I experience the mystery of awe singing in my soul?

The answer is I cannot. I cannot contain or even grasp this beauty. All I can do is permit this beauty to contain and hold me. Let beauty sink down deeply into my soul’s marrow, mystifying me, transforming me. Let beauty have its way with me as I resist my mind’s foolhardy attempts to capture with words something so wild and enchanted, mere language cannot tame.

Beauty, I am coming to comprehend is all around us. It is there for the sensing, the smelling, the touching. Beauty is the Creator’s magic, his mystery, his playfulness and splendor. Beauty is God’s way of retelling our souls the stories of how extravagantly we are loved. Beauty is God’s way of breathing luxurious abundance into our lives.

Beauty is a gift. And all you and I can do is receive it, experience it, let it touch our souls and invite our tongues to give heartfelt praise with two simple syllables of worship: thank you—thank you—thank you—hoping we become transformed by the beauty we ponder.

Game Plan: Where do you see beauty today? Can you allow your heart to experience it without having to understand or grasp it? Can you let beauty set your soul free?

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