To Play or Not to Play?

I remember as a child playing in the school yard wondering, trying to figure out why I was playing, how come it was fun. Why the other kids and I enjoyed the silliness with which we were engaged.

A little absurd perhaps for the mind of a second grader trying to understand the logic of play, but maybe many of our brains are wired the same way: trying to figure life out so we can contain and control it. Trying to understand the un-understandable. Attempting to tame mystery.

Living life trying to figure everything out soon becomes tedious. It leads to a life of anxiousness, uncertainty. It zaps our inner freedom. We become a gargantuan head walking around without a body or soul.

Sure, some form of knowledge is important. I need to know I shouldn’t wear white socks with my work suit and shoes.

But analyzing every experience in life as if we have to unlock its secret soon squeezes out the mystery and play that is perhaps just as important as knowledge.

When we play without having to figure life out, we join in life’s mystery and adventure. We become part of the experience, part of the landscape, co-creators with the God of Creativity.

We join the Divine Dance.

In those unthinking moments, we give our minds a rest; allow our soul room to breathe. And in that heart-space, wisdom much deeper than knowledge has the freedom to rise up within us spontaneously, gifted to us from somewhere or by some One beyond ourselves.

My dog follows me around wherever I go in the house. If I go downstairs he goes downstairs. If I shower, he sits outside the tub waiting patiently for me to pull back the curtain wagging his tail to greet me as if I had been gone for hours on end.

I don’t need to understand why my dog follows me.

Instead, what brings me joy is the soft glow in my heart from his constant presence.

I revel in the sound of his long deep breath.

Savor the touch of his soft fur.

Relish the invisible energy I feel connecting our hearts.

As I experience his faithful presence, without needing to understand it, he becomes a living metaphor.

The God beyond my understanding, allowing me to experience the mystery and peace of unconditional love, soon joins our Dance.

And that experience of Love is far more than enough for me.


Do you notice yourselves sometimes trapped in the mind-game of trying to figure life out?

How does that feel?

When did you last allow yourself to play?

How did the energy of play feel different than the energy of thinking?

What happens when you drop down from your head into your heart-space allowing yourself the freedom to taste life?







brian plachta

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