The Spirit of the Mountain

Sometimes we have to muster up the faith and courage to move the mountains in our life.


We have to dig deep and speak up for a loved one, ask for a raise, set healthy boundaries, give voice to our needs, say “no,” when we’re overcommitted.


And scripture reminds us we’ve been given the power to move the mountains in our life as we lean into the Creator finding guidance and direction. Discernment.


At other times we’re invited not to move, but to become like the mountain.


Mountains sit peacefully through changing climates. They endure extreme weather: windstorms, thunderstorms, and powerful blizzards across their cliffs. Yet interiorly, mountains remain unchanged, unmoved, and silent within their deep core.


When we bump up against circumstances beyond our control, people who won’t grow, events we can’t change, it’s time to become like the mountain standing quietly amidst the changing weather in our lives, praying for patience, wisdom to let go, for the gift of holy indifference and detachment.


As we learn to become one with the mountain’s spirit within us, we find the strength to stand calm, patient, and tall in the midst of life’s shifting currents.


When Christ faced Pontius Pilate’s onslaught of false accusations and barbs he dug deep into the mountain of his Soul. He stood quietly, calm, rooted in the abiding presence of his spirit as chaos whirled around him.


It often takes more courage, self-knowledge, and integrity to become like the mountain instead of moving it. Both experiences—moving mountains and becoming like the spirit of the mountain—have deep wisdom to teach us.



Try this Mountain Meditation:


Sit quietly.

Picture in your mind’s eye the most magnificent mountain you’ve ever seen or can imagine.

Notice the shape of the mountain; its lofty peak; the steep, gently sloping sides; its solid base; rock embedded in the earth’s crust.

Feel its strength, stability, calm, abiding presence. Peace.

Now bring the image of the mountain into your own body.

Let your head become the mountain peak, your shoulders and arms the sides of the mountain; your buttocks and legs the solid base rooted to the floor, grounded in the earth.

Breathe in the stillness of the mountain. Feel its Spirit; its sacredness; allow it to become One in you, with you.

What does the mountain wish to teach you?





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  1. strength, patience & peace –
    the 3 sensations I feel in my heart today — as well, I see the 3 kings, 3 stars in Orion’s Belt & surely the Trinity in the Cosmic Christ — thanx for those wise words to ponder this week as it invites me to open my heart & be one with the universe — to further my relationship w/ all my mountains —


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