The Soul Learns What it Came to Learn

Each of us has been created with a Soul, an instrument, an inner ear through which we connect with Wisdom. Understanding. Awareness.

Like an astronaut’s lifeline, which links a space traveler to the mother ship and supplies necessary oxygen to survive, our Soul is designed to be the filter through which we experience life connecting us to the heart of God, inspiring our lives with insight. Discernment.

Through our Soul we experience guidance. Intuition. Peace.

We’re given directions on how to maneuver through the various events and relationships we encounter, and along the way we learn the lessons our Soul came to earth to learn.

Our Soul sifts and sorts with three filters or lenses:

  • Intellect;

  • Emotion; and

  • Our physical body.

Like a three-legged stool each of these dimensions are vital parts of the whole of what it means to be fully human. These three legs when properly balanced, lead us within where we rest in the Divine.

Our minds process information and gather facts through our intellect. We learn a language so we can communicate with each other. We gain knowledge about how we’re created, how things work, and use that knowledge to better our lives and the lives of others.

By themselves, however, our thoughts are simply mental fragments of information. Scattered ideas. Whirling dervishes.

But when we process the mind’s information through our Soul, our Soul adds the spice of wisdom providing us with understanding, insight, and perception. Awareness. Truth.

Through the lens of wisdom we reflect on life’s experiences like science ponders a hypothesis, determining our various options. We’re then able to make right choices that point us toward deeper love, happiness, and peace. Inner Freedom.

Our emotions are also part of the three-legged stool that makes up our humanity. Our emotions revolve around two basic experiences—love and fear—each emotion a subtle variation of these core feelings.

When we experience love, we feel safe, connected, and secure. We flow. Our heart is open. And as we allow ourselves to name the source of the love we experience, our Soul finds gratitude for life, for God, and for our ability to give and receive love.

When we experience fear, if we fail to process it through our Soul, we often become stuck in the emotion. Fear’s negative energy gets plugged up inside of us like a stopped-up drain. We become overwhelmed, shut down, and may lash out with anger or rage to protect ourselves.

But when we learn to name the fear, acknowledge its presence, and ask our Soul to help us determine how the fear is inviting us to grow, we become open to change. We evolve. We transform.

  • What’s underneath the fear, we might ask ourselves as we seek to unfold its wisdom?

  • Why am I afraid?

  • How might I be called to move beyond the fear?

As we sift and sort through fear with the aid of our Soul, we learn that fear is an impetus to deeper growth. It may be calling us to forgive, or trust, or set proper boundaries out of love and compassion for others and ourselves.

Fear might be an invitation to deeper courage and perseverance, to make a change in direction; or it may be an opportunity to sit still and allow ourselves to bask in the loving embrace of God through the outstretched arms of caring friends and family.

Finally, through our physical body we’ve been gifted with five senses: taste, touch, hearing, smell, and sight. And as we move through the day’s events aware of our sense perceptions we experience the beauty of life around us. Natural. Organic. Splendor.

We stop and savor the warmth of brown-sugared oatmeal wafting through breakfast air. We trace with our fingers the comfort of soft furry pets indulging in love and being loved. Unconditionally. Safe. Secure.

We observe the gentle tingling of God’s whispering love within our open heart as we sit alone in the Quiet experiencing a Presence far beyond words—as close as our breath.

These dimensions of being fully human: our mind, emotions, and physical bodies, are the funnels through which our Soul filters life connecting our hearts to God, leading us ever deeper on the path toward inner freedom, teaching us the lessons our Soul has been placed on earth to learn.


 What lessons has your Soul learned so far in life?

 What deeper lessons are you being invited to learn?

 When do hear your Soul speak within you? How can you nurture its wisdom?





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