The Other Side of God

The Other Side of God

I have often heard the words, “Be still and know that I am God” which tell me a great deal about my higher power whom I choose to call God.  These words remind me that God is powerful and strong and loving.  God is everything I need God to be and more, not because I need it, but because God creates—-God loves—God gets it—God cares.

And when I am quiet, when it’s just between God and me, private, confidential, I begin to understand that It is God’s very nature to create and love, that’s why God created you and me, us; that’s why God placed this inner voice inside of us to hear God’s voice when we are still; when we listen with our hearts.

That’s all well and good about God.  God is love. God creates.  God speaks to us in a still quiet inner voice.

But what about me?  If God is in a relationship with me and you, just like I am in a relationship with my spouse, my friends, my children, what do those words say about me?

As I ponder in the stillness of this quiet morning, I listen for the response to my question, “What about me—who am I God?” (which I figure God is big enough to answer).  This twist of words, words made fresh, speak to my Soul:

“Be still and know that I am good.”  “Be still and know that I am good.”

These words remind me that I am the other side of God just as God is the other side of me.  God is the creator and what God created (along with lots of other things) is me.  And because God created me, I am good.  That’s who I am—the goodness of God; the other side of God.

I am the result of God’s love, God’s desire to create something, someone beautiful, you, and me, us.  We are the other side of God.  Not because we are good. But rather, because God created us.  I embody God.  I am the incarnation of God in the Soul which God created and placed within my earthly body.  And nothing can take that Soul away from me or from God.  I am safe.  I belong.  I am the word made flesh.  I am good.

This understanding of who God is and who I am gives me hope.  It reminds me that my job is to become fully human.  To live into who I already am—a human soul created by God who embodies his presence in the world.

This changes everything for me.  It makes me free to accept all the imperfections I continuously see in myself as simply part of being human.  If I weren’t human, I wouldn’t have imperfections.  To be human means that I am still in process. Like DNA, I have everything I need to be who I am.  I just need to continue listening to the inner voice of God within me to understand what it means to be me, how I have been designed to live my life, how my life is unfolding.

And if I get off the track, which I do often, I just need to stop, listen, and get my inner bearings again by connecting with the voice deep within me of love, the still voice of God.  My inner compass.

But, I wonder if God hears my voice as a quiet whisper deep inside of God, like I sometimes hear God’s voice deep inside of me.   Today, these are the words I speak which I wonder if God hears in his heart:

“I’m scared today God.  My best friend lost his job and might have to move thousands of miles away to find another one.  And I might feel lost without him. I’m scared for him.  Scared for me.”

Does God hear those quiet words I whisper?  Does God hear the cry of my heart?

I am beginning to think he does.  God hears my voice like I am learning to hear his voice.  Because deep in my heart I hear this response:

“Trust me.  I am here for you.  I am here for your friend.  Let life unfold.  It will work out even better than you and he expected. I know, because I am God and I love both of you. I am whispering to both of your hearts. Just keep listening.”

This exchange of silent words between God and I, like morning doves whistling their songs back and forth between each other, helps me understand and trust that God does hear my voice, that he is the other side of me.  And I am the other side of him.  Perhaps it’s that simple.  Perhaps all I have to do, is listen.

Words to ponder:  I am the other side of God.

—Brian Plachta

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