. . . from those very first steps out of corp america to present day - the growth i have experienced is immeasurable - the role POS has played in my life, opening my heart and allowing the great spirit to unfold within me - now that is true 'divine reality' -
i look forward to many many more retreats workshops & inner compass groups with all my friends in our quest . . .


POS workshops have supported me greatly in my purpose to become a more authentic, compassionate, and spirit-conscious man. POS meetings have made me aware of tools I can use to access the spiritual life. POS gives me the space to speak from my heart. I receive priceless feedback, and the opportunity to contribute to my soul brothers.

Joe Taylor

Pillars of Steel is a jewel for men in this community. Allowing a sacred space to discuss personal topics and be heard. Men who seek a deeper and more fulfilling understanding of their faith should explore this group.

John M Potter

Helping people manage their resources on a values based, goal focused platform has been my life's work. It provides many opportunities for substantive and meaningful conversations about what matters in life. The opportunity to do that in a larger group provides even more value to those who are seeking to add and keep meaning and purpose as a focus in their lives.
Being an intentional servant of the other has always been a core value of the gospels, Pillars of Steel provides a compass to continue the journey!

Michael L Wood

In short, the Pillars of Steel (POS) workshop that I attended in November of 2012 was literally a LIFE CHANGER. It was the beginning of my true Spiritual Journey. It was and always will be one of the most impactful experiences of my life. Brian's approach to explaining the continuum of masculinity throughout time was fascinating from an academic standpoint. But the greater education about spirituality and contemplation and men sharing their spirituality with one another, was profound. If there's nothing else you do in your life as a man, attend his POS workshop and find out if you can break out of the "Man Code" way of living and learn to share true masculinity with other men.

Rik Brown

Like Mr. Magoo, I am nearsighted and stubborn. Also like Magoo, providentially, I stumbled upon an answer through Pillars of Steel. The Pillars of Steel workshops are a great way to learn the historical context of male spiritual relationships. And, more importantly, for men who desire the support of other men on their own spiritual journey, the Pillars of Steel initiative enables a structure for ongoing support and guidance along that path.

Steve Blubaugh

From Mike July

The Pillars of Steel Men's Initiative is making strides to change the way us men interact with each other, society and even the opposite sex.  Society's long standing views of the traditional male roles are changing, and Pillars of Steel is aiding the transition in this new paradigm of manhood, and what it truly means to be a man in the modern culture.

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