Own Your Story

Our lives are a story. A tale about who we are, what we’ve lived through, where we are now. A tale about who and what we are becoming.

 And the beauty of it is, we get to write the script. We get to choose how our life shall unfold by the choices we make here and now.

 But to write the script we must learn to own the sacredness of our lives—the good, the bad, and the in between; the wisdom through which our lives speak.

 We must have the courage to say to ourselves: This is who I am. This is what I believe. This is from whom I came and through whom I belong. Here are my roots. This is my soul, the essence of all that I am woven and stitched into the epic of me.

 So, write your story.

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Take the frames from each period of your life, (young, middle-aged and older) weave them together into your legend by asking yourself a simple question: “How do I want my story to end?”

 Life is really that simple, yet complicated.

 We can play victim on and on and get the same result, which has become monotone to us and to others; or we can take out a blank sheet of paper, pull out the pencil with which we create the plot for our life, and write anew.

 Take the pieces that are good about your life and build upon them with gratitude.

 Take the hurt and pain you have endured and complete the story about what wisdom you have learned.

 Then teach others about that wisdom.

 Teach them with love and kindness and gentleness, not so much with words but rather through the story of your unfolding life.


 What is your story?

Do you own it? Can you claim it?

Where do you want your story to lead?

Go there.



Brian J. Plachta

July 2014

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  1. A refreshing approach to the business of writing!

    Throughout my life I kept notes, quotes, diaries and memorabilia of various forms. As the years came and went I got more sophisticated in my writing and started using MS Word. I intertwined my work experience with family experiences. It got confusing!

    Then I realized “no one – ever – is going to want to read this tripe! Over time however, I convinced myself that I wasn’t so much writing “for others” (my message after I am dead and gone) – rather, my writing was “for me… now…here…” Writing became a therapeutic exercise and keeps my mental faculties together… It gives me times to reflect and think.

    Appreciate the sentiments in your comments Brian!


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