“Oneing”: How to Stop Fighting Life

We often experience a discomfort, a dis-ease, an unsettledness within our psyche. Anxious thoughts drift in and out and around our brains demanding we focus on what has to be done next, who needs our time and energy now, and how we’re going to keep what and whom we have so we can feel safe.

All this discord steals our joy, distracts us from the beauty around and within us. The discontent can also lead to anger because we long to feel satisfied. Peaceful. Calm. But the noise in our heads won’t let us rest.

Hanging boxing glovesPerhaps we need to simply stop fighting life. Stop trying to make everything fit, making everyone happy, and focus instead on finding the time and space to rest in the truth that we are exactly where we’re supposed to be. Here. Now. We are safe. And all the noisy chatter in our heads is just noise. Chatter. Fear.

A simple path toward ending this reoccurring war on ourselves, is giving our self the gift of daily solitude.

Taking 10-20 minutes each day to sit in the quiet, to find private time alone with our soul, allows space for the chatter to quiet itself. We begin to breathe again, settle down and listen for a word or phrase, or an image that centers us, that reminds us we are one with our Soul, with God forever. And no inward or outward disturbance can take that oneness away from us.

The Christian mystic Lady Julian of Norwich (1342-1416) captures the essence of this oneing that occurs in solitude between God and our souls with these words:

“By myself I am nothing at all, but in general, I AM in the oneing of love for it is in this oneing that the life of all people exists.”

James Finley puts it another way, describing what happens in solitude as a rebirthing “into a new and true awareness of who we really are: one with God forever.”

Oneing shifts our focus away from fighting ourselves into simply allowing our noisy minds to rest in our soul, in God. In that daily place of quiet solitude we find ourselves again, fueling the rest of our day with love.

Do you ever find yourself fighting your life? When? Why?
What happens when you find time for solitude? When you take time for

Brian J Plachta
August 17, 2014

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  1. if i miss a day or even a morning [because i need this 2x a day] – i have lost the battle to the voices in my head and the crazy makers surrounding me –
    in fact – i am miserable until i get that chatter under control & with a good swift kick in the ass -outta my head ! ! !
    the ONEING [Brian refers to from Lady Julian of Norwich] has saved my soul & has made room for me to open my heart to the universe – develop a better appreciation & understanding –
    that in fact
    ‘we are all related’ – mitakuye-oyasin [mi-TAHK-wee-a-say] as my native american brothers call it – we are all one in the divine reality


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