We look for certainty in life. Signs confirming we’re on the right path, making correct decisions on life’s journey.

But when confirmation doesn’t come, we wallow in self-doubt, tussle with life, stammering to find signs of certainty.

If only we could find clarity, understanding—what wisdom teachers call discernment—learning the language of God and responding to his invitations.

But we don’t often find clarity. Instead we’re besieged with ambiguity, left with conflicting thoughts whirling about our head pestering us with apathy, indifference, and uncertainty.

Maybe the ambiguity is a gift, however… a true freedom.

It’s as if when we were born the Divine Creator placed a creative spark, an artistic bent inside us, inviting us to fashion something beautiful with our lives, giving us the freedom to mold our life as we would a work of art.

And the only brush we’ve been given to create the art of our lives is love…for ourselves, for others, and for God.

Love is the signpost inviting us to discover the life we’ve been invited to create.

Our lives are the sign we’ve been seeking.



How is love a signpost for you?

How are you creating your art-life?

Brian Plachta


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