Safety Net

Ever notice as you walk through a crowd how so many people’s faces are filled with stress and fear? They look like they’re carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders. Tension. Angst. Bent over double with trouble.

 Sometimes that same tension fills our jaw, takes over our face, replaces our smile with a dazed look of fear.

 Where does that angst come from? Better yet, what’s the antidote to the fear-based living many of us combat on a daily basis?

 Perhaps the first place to start is discovering what’s underneath the tension so we can give it a name and eventually replace it with something better.

 And if we look closely, we might discover the cause of our tension is fear—fear that we’re not safe. Fear that something or someone is going to rob us of what we have, what we don’t want to lose, whatever that might be. And so we walk around with a look of dread on our face, ready to protect our turf.

 What if we replaced fear with its opposite: safety? What if we lived our lives from a deeper place; a place of well being, knowing and experiencing being protected. Loved. Good. Guided.

 When I left my previous job to start my own law firm my wife said she needed a safety net before I took the leap of faith to change jobs. And so, I asked my new business partner if he would guarantee my salary for the first year in the form of a loan if the initial cash flow wasn’t sufficient. Once he committed to providing that loan if needed, it became clear that this was the next step on my life’s journey. And so I took the leap and have never looked back. The loan guarantee became a safety net that confirmed God was guiding and leading me down this new path.

 Perhaps each of us have a safety net: the power and ability to connect with the inner voice of guidance, the Holy Spirit, our inner compass, which guides our steps and leads us toward our highest good.

 That inner voice of wisdom reassures us we’re protected, loved and cared for, and if we stray off the path we’ll get back on track. We just need to listen and determine where our inner compass is inviting and leading us.

 The voice of God within us provides the safety net each of us has been gifted with and our job is to simply become quiet enough to listen, to sift and sort with our soul, to discover the path God is inviting us toward.

 Our prayer can then become quite simple: Show me the way God, trusting the evidence of our lives as confirmation that God within us is the source of our safety.


  •  How would I experience life if I trusted my safety net: the voice of God within me?

  • How would I connect with that voice on a daily basis?

  • Do I believe God speaks to my soul?

  • Listen.


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