Life doesn’t stand still. Neither should you.

If you want to experience wholeness it’s important to challenge yourself to grow and learn to explore new avenues of enlightenment.

 Gain deeper wisdom by joining with other men at a Pillars of Steel Workshop.

 Here are some workshops to choose from:

Pillars of Steel: How Real Men Draw Strength from Each Other.

 Who’s got my back?  Have you ever asked that question?  Do you wonder what it would be like to have two or three good buddies in your life to draw strength from and to offer your own, to experience iron sharpening iron?  Join us as together we explore how we can break the man code, explore genuine masculinity and find a new road connecting with other men on the God-path intellectually, emotionally, physically and spiritually. With the book: Pillars of Steel—How Real Men Draw Strength from Each Other, as one of our guides, we’ll blaze a new trail and discover the power of bullet-proof friendships with other men.

Listening for God Knows What—How God Speaks to Men in Unique Ways.

Does God speak to men in unique ways?  How? What can men do to figure out and understand the Voice of God speaking within and around them? How can the spiritual tools of discernment help guide men toward deeper wholeness and integration in making life decisions?

This series will give you the practical tools to help you learn how to listen to the voice of God.  We’ll explore how God speaks to men in distinct and unique ways including through:

·         Experiences in Nature and the “Power of Slowing” ·         Private and group prayer·         Spiritual friendships


·         Words and images·         Dreams

·         Wise mentors


Come join with other men on the journey and discover the tools of discernment that can help guide you on your spiritual God-path and jump-start your personal growth.

The Artist’s Way

 Based on Julia Cameron’s award winning book. The Artist’s Way, this workshop will help you identify and practice your creative gifts as a spiritual path toward God. You’ll have a chance to further develop your creative abilities and obtain input from others on how to enhance your talents.

Finding the Wild Man Within

Do you know?

  • How strong and powerful you are as a man?
  • You were designed to discover and enjoy contentment and fulfillment life by naming your unique gifts and talents and using them in life-giving ways?

This workshop will provide you with the necessary tools to discover, honor and exercise the basic muscles we have been given as men to find and achieve inner peace and purpose. The Wild Man– a modern image for the Holy Spirit – will be our untamed guide to find the Wild Man within each of us as we discover how to use our God-given gifts and talents in life-giving ways to bring us purpose, fulfillment and joy.

Father by God.

Deep in a man’s heart is the desire to live with passion, adventure and strength.

Where do these desires come from? How can they be understood and harnessed to help a man live fully alive? Come join other men on the journey as we discover the six stages a man goes through as he matures in life and faith:

  • Beloved son
  • Cowboy
  • Warrior
  • Lover
  • King and

This series will show how God guides men through the stages of manhood to become the glory of God…man fully alive! This is a great workshop for men to experience and share with others.

Forming and Facilitating Inner Compass Groups.

Inner Compass Groups are a practical and experience-based guide to greater self-knowledge and spiritual awareness.  Learn more about how these groups springboard one’s spiritual life with deeper wisdom.   Discover how to form and facilitate these groups in your community.

  • Do you long to reconnect with the spirit of wisdom within you?
  • Do you wish you had the time and place to walk away from the busyness of daily life to rewire, to find your soul again?
  • Then consider an individual or group retreat with the guidance of a spiritual mentor.

Group Retreats

Men’s Small Group Retreat on Lake Michigan.

Inside each man is a Spirit of wholeness and adventure, which speaks to us, guides us and shows us which path to follow.  Some call it the still small voice that has no voice—others call it simply the voice of God.  Still others call it the power of the slowing.  Whatever we might name it, men often experience that voice with deeper clarity in the solitude of nature.

Join a small group of men for a weekend retreat on the shores of Lake Michigan to find and experience God’s voice speaking within you.

This retreat is designed to give each man time and space to rest, reflect, time to wander along the beach, to meander in the woods.  It also gives men an opportunity to share the experiences of the day around a roaring campfire.

Individual Retreats

Life shouts.  God whispers.

An individual retreat is the ideal opportunity to reconnect, recharge and find the wholeness and balance we yearn for.

The individual retreat format is flexible, so it can be adopted to meet your schedule, be it a half-day, full day or weekend away.  Your individual retreat can be held in the city or on Lake Michigan depending upon your needs.

During your time, a spiritual mentor, helping you sift and sort through your reflections, can accompany you.

To schedule or learn more about a group or individual retreat, contact Brian Plachta via email:; or by phone:  616-446-3393.

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