Reflections from Life in the Ditches: Keeping Focused

The Temple of the City—aka the marketplace—gets loud and boisterous at times squelching our dreams, twirling us around so fast we lose focus, direction. 

Keeping our life on-track, moving toward what we envision our life can and should be, requires us to stop once in while to name our dreams, put a stake in the ground to clearly define what’s important to us, what we hope to accomplish with our gifts and talents to find fulfillment.

Do I feel called to be a writer, a musician, a painter? Do I want to spend more time with my children or grandchildren? Is there a class I want to take to gain more wisdom and insight?

Asking ourselves the simple question, “What are the dreams dreaming in me that are seeking their voice?” can be life-giving. A game-changer.

And once we’ve clearly defined our dreams, we can then assess what’s keeping us from making our dreams come true, what’s distracting us along the way? Too many hours at the office, too little sleep, too much television, shopping, alcohol—these pursuits without a dose of balance and moderation can move us away from what’s important for us, for our soul.

Clarity in an ambiguous world is an important part of being human. We listen to our dreams and deepest desires, de-clutter the distractions by focusing and re-focusing and trust that our dreams will unfold as we keep moving gently toward them.

Asking ourselves the simple questions from time to time can help ground us, add direction to our life’s journey.

What are the dreams dreaming in me?

What must I do to make my dreams become a reality?

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