All I Really Want is God

We go through life wanting lots of things—a new job; new furniture; a trim body; more friends.

 The list is endless. And when we get some of the things on our list, we want something else.

 It’s a constant cycle. We yearn for something. We get it. We yearn for something more.

 At our core perhaps what we really want is God.

 We want to feel connected to the one who created us; to feel God’s love and guidance; to know we haven’t been plopped onto this earth and cut from God’s umbilical cord. We want to know we are connected to ourselves, to each other, to the source of our being.

 The beauty of it is, we already have God. We have God’s love because he created us and nothing can separate us from our eternal source. We have direction and guidance through quiet times of listening for God’s voice with our soul. Simply being aware of God’s presence through nature, loved ones, the vibrant energy we feel within ourselves reminds us God is present with us. God-in-the-flesh.

 Perhaps then the true longing we feel within ourselves is simply our yearning for God. We’re homesick. Yet we’re already home. We simply have to look around and realize home is found within and we can return home anytime we want just by remembering how close we are to God and how close God is to us.

 God are you still there? We might ask during those times of longing. And in the stillness we may hear a silent reply, Yes. I’m right here, closer to you than your breathe. Always. You are my son/daughter. We are home. Here. Now. Forever. You are safe. You are mine.


What’s your deepest longing?

Your heart’s warmest desire?

What happens when you remember whose you are?



—brian plachta

may 2014

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