Re-Discovering Silence




The noisy din of the outer world does everything it can to blast us with noise and distraction. 24-hour news. Espn. Glamor. Sports. Nutrition. Fashion.   Buy more. Be more. Keep moving. Keep active. Don’t stop, run.


The outside ruckus in our lives soon turns into an inner clatter marked by incessant mind chatter. Some call this constant thinking the monkey mind. Others call it our noisy roommates: a barrage of conflicting thoughts and emotions, which separate us from ourselves.


As a result of this inner and outer noise we often experience dis-ease within ourselves. We question who we are and where we’re headed in our lives. We compartmentalize everyone and everything as either good or bad.


We wish there was a switch with which we could turn off the bombarding thoughts that bounce around the walls inside our heads. It can all be very confusing and overwhelming at times.


Eventually the inward noise and outside clamor catches up to us inviting us to look deeper, to search for something to quiet the inner conversations, something we can’t quite put our finger on. We sense something is missing in our lives and search for words to articulate or name it.


In Silence, the Mystery of Wholeness, Robert Sardello suggests that what we are looking for is the experience of Silence. Divine Silence. A Silence that goes beyond thinking, which can be felt in our bodies, noticed and nurtured; a Silence that embraces us and connects us to our souls through our hearts; which feels like a current, a rhythm connecting us to God, ourselves and others.


Silence, Sardello believes is the only way to find peace. It’s the sole path to inner freedom, and the pathway to wholeness. And the good news is the louder the world gets, the more our hearts draw us back toward the Silence our souls long for.


Try this practice to reconnect with the Silence within you:


Close your eyes, plant your feet on the ground, and take a couple of deep breaths. Feel the warmth of the air circulating inside your body relaxing you. Feel your blood pulsing through your heart and into your veins.


Then sitting quietly blanket yourself in Silence. Let the Silence envelope you like a warm soft blanket folded around your shoulders on a cold wintry night.


Become aware of how the Silence feels; notice its touch upon your heart, the rhythm in its slowness, and the current in its pulse.


Discover how you experience the Silence within your body. Where do you feel its presence? Can you sense being enfolded in the Silence? Bathed in its glow? Washed and cleansed in its inner light? Connected to the source of Divine Silence?


When you are ready, slowly come back to the present moment. Notice yourself sitting, breathing, and simply being aware, of witnessing you and the Silence as friends. You may want to jot down a few notes in a journal about your experience and come back to the Silence as often as you like, preferably on a daily basis.


The fruit of this experience is coming to embrace the Divine Silence and ourselves as we are already known deep within. We come to realize we are part of a larger Silence; connected to the whole of Creation, and ready to live in the world from a place of inner stillness.


Perhaps it’s that simple: returning to the Silence within, letting the Silence embrace us, guide us, and teach us to become who we already are: Whole. One.





Try practicing Silence on a daily basis for 10-15 minutes at a time. Notice after a few days how Silence is slowing your pace, quieting your mind, and connecting you to the Divine Silence within and around you.


Return to this Silence as often as you like, as often as you need throughout the day. Let Silence become your friend.


Can you give yourself the gift of Silence?

 brian plachta January 2015


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