Quiet Your Mind, Hear your Heart


The noisy chatter within our minds can be overwhelming at times.  Thoughts bounce off our brains one after another babbling: should I do this?  Why did I do that? Who am I?  Who do I want to be?

The solution to this incessant brain drain according to the contemplatives is the practice of the Eternal Now.

Sit quietly.

Listen to the silence.

Hear the sounds around you; the sounds within you.

Notice your breathe; your heart beating.

This awareness, this stillness is good medicine for our souls; it connects this moment with eternity allowing the visible to intersect with the invisible.

In these silent moments we can experience our breath flowing through our lungs into our nose and out of our mouth.  We sense the blood pumping through our veins into our heart up to our minds nourishing our bodies with life’s richness.

During times of quiet listening we experience life from a deeper perspective.  We gain knowledge and wisdom.  Insight. God and our souls connect.

Quieting our minds takes practice and gentle discipline.  Setting aside 10-20 minutes each day at the beginning and end of the day is one way to get rooted in the practice of the Eternal Now; one way to connect with our heart, our soul, with God.

Taking time for being alone in the silence is as vital as taking time to eat. Silence is the food our souls need to grow, flourish and remain healthy.

Consider developing a stillness practice. 

Create time each day for you to connect with the Eternal Now.

What do you hear in your heart as you quiet your mind?

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