I Am: Prayer of the Untethered Soul

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I know I saw it, touched it, felt it; experienced it. Again.

I know I heard it inside of me like a gentle wind blowing through a reed. I know it was real even though words cannot capture it.

I saw it in my eyes as I watched the stars, gazed at autumn trees, pondered mighty waves. I heard it again as the cardinal’s song echoed in my heart. Each of these reminded me I am already home; home is inside of me.

Home where I dwell in quiet despite the noise around me; home where I dwell with love and peace, comfort and courage; home where I feel safe every time I remember, every time I touch that place inside of me—that place I can’t see with my eyes, but can feel with my heart.

I saw it inside of me as I watched myself dance on the beach, marvel at the moon; sit with awe as the sun dipped quietly into the lake.

I touched it with my hands as I wrote these words, carved this wood, painted these colors of my soul, sketched these gifts of my heart.

I AM the untethered soul. I believe it. I have experienced it. And nothing or no one, not even me, can take that truth away. Not again. Never.

I will not abandon my soul now that I have found it again, now that I know it has been here all the time as close to me as my heart pounding within my chest.

The rhythm of my soul now beats its harmony with my heart. I Am their song. I Am one with the source of my being.

And now that I have found the I Am in me again, which was never lost, I will honor and care for my soul each day of my life.

brian j plachta

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  1. I am overcome – these words are ‘real’ as the days beauty –
    every moment I am reminded by my true self to come forward, create, create, create & open my heart to touch my soul – thanx Brian.


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