Open Your Heart & Stand in Truth












Sometimes the world whirls us into a tizzy.  People and life’s events spin at us so fast we feel like we’re twirling round and around.

 As a result, we can forget who we are, what we stand for.   We lose our confidence, taking on the negative energy and criticism of others. 

 When we find ourselves whirling it’s time to stop, listen, and find our center.

 Our center is that place deep within us where we connect with God, wisdom, the truth.  Finding our center requires us to discover the quiet, taking time to create sacred space within so that we can sift and sort through life’s busyness and re-establish our link with God and our true self.

 In those quiet places our souls have room to speak to us.  Our hearts find courage to reopen trusting our inner goodness, learning what life is teaching us through the people and events we experience.

 God has given each one of us this gift of inner wisdom, the Holy Spirit, the quiet voice that has no voice.  Opening our hearts and creating space for our inner compass to guide us centers us in this wisdom, allows us to live from the stillpoint within.


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