Love the Quiet. Change the World.

I love the Quiet Times. That time in the morning, early, when no one else is awake except me and the dog and the cat. In the Quiet we are welcomed by the darkness, the gentle chime of the grandfather clock, and the glow of a flickering candle.

In the Quiet, I close my eyes, and sit listening to God and my Soul. Sometimes I hear words or metaphors or images that rise up from my heart. Other times I hear only the snore of my dog’s quiet breath reminding me how simple and pure unconditional love is.



Safe in the solitude.

I sense a Presence in those moments. Something or someone I can’t quite put my finger on who or what, yet I know in the Stillness there is Someone there with me who loves me with an abiding love.

Some say if everyone took the time to sit alone in the Quiet for just a few moments each day, the world would be transformed. Isis might lay down their guns. Russia might stop bullying Ukraine. Perhaps even the young man who saw fit to shoot a church full of people would have heard the word “wait” or “stop” from God in his morning silence, choosing not to carry out his unthinkable deed.

Each of us has been given the power to connect with God and ourselves by listening to the gifts of Wisdom that come to us when we create space for our Souls, and in doing so we become the Prayer we experienced that day alone in the Quiet.



 How would the violence of the world be converted if we responded to it by taking time each day to sit in the Quiet, connecting with God and our Soul?

 Could that simple practice pour more droplets of love into us and then out into the world?

 How do I choose to respond to the violence in the world? Ignore it? Blame others for it? Or choose to grow more deeply in Love?


Quiet Droplets

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