Living from Your Heart

We spend a lot of time in our heads. Thinking. Sifting. Sorting. Trying to figure life out.


It gets so noisy up there sometimes we wish we had an “on and off” switch to quiet the chatter for a few moments.


The mind is a skillful instrument. A gift that gives us knowledge, which helps us maneuver our way through life.


The problem is we tend to overuse it, over think things, forget to rely upon the other tools God has given us as a natural part of being human.


One of those other tools is the heart.


The heart serves two necessary functions: it’s the body’s physical pump, and our soul’s spiritual center.

Located in the midpoint of our body, the heart pumps life-giving blood into our organs enriching them with the vital nutrients we need to thrive.


Most cultures also consider the heart to be the location of the soul. Some say there’s even a small white light located behind our heart, a gentle eternal flame where God has embedded our soul into our body.


When we live from the heart instead of from our minds we center our thinking, drawing the mind down into our soul; connecting the mind with the heart.


Like blood, which has to move through the heart to be pumped back into the other parts of our body, our thoughts need to be filtered through our soul if we wish to enrich our mind’s knowledge with the wisdom that the soul contains.


When we don’t filter our thinking through the heart, we experience only knowledge—human knowledge, which is incomplete. We live with a rattletrap brain. Disconnected from our hearts.


But, when we drop our mind, our thoughts, into our hearts, we pump our thinking through our soul, tapping into Wisdom, a divine perception, a deeper understanding, enriching oxygen that comes from God.


Wisdom is the ability to think and act appropriately in any circumstance using knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense, and insight. It’s the ability to discern how we’re being invited to live, the experience of God and humans co-creating together.


When our souls connect with God’s Wisdom we tap into the heart’s rich fertile soil.


Wisdom is the heart’s soil. The place where our thoughts lie dormant like seeds beneath the ground nourished, watered, and fertilized in the quiet, silent darkness of the soul. The light beneath our heart deepens our roots, emblazes the seeds of our thoughts, nudging us to grow, transform, and emerge into the light empowered with love and compassion.


The soul connects us to God, the source and life-blood of Wisdom.


When we live from the heart, we tap into Wisdom. We complete our human knowledge with divine understanding.


Living from the heart requires tending the soul. Our souls need periods of solitude and quiet, time to allow the prattling brain to sink into the heart’s enriching soil. When we develop the gentle discipline of daily quiet and solitude we fertilize the soul transforming our lives one day at a time.



This week:


Find time each day to tend your soul.


Sit in the Quiet.

Imagine a gentle flame, a white light glimmering behind your heart.

What does it look like? How does it feel?


Allow your thoughts to sink down from your brain into your heart.

Let the soul’s gentle flame embrace and quiet your thoughts.




Enjoy the Silence.


What word, emotion, phrase or image does your heart speak to you?

Carry the gift into your day.












Brian Plachta

May 8, 2015

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