Liberation: When the Heart leads, the Mind will follow

Liberation: When the Heart leads, the Mind will follow

photo-californiaOnce there was a way to get back home.

 —The Beatles

Have you ever noticed how much of our daily lives are filled with thinking about the “Problem of the day.” Am I good enough?  Are my children okay? How am I going to lose ten pounds before summer?  Will my loved ones leave me? Am I accomplishing all I need to be doing at work? 

 In one shape or another these incessant questions banter about our heads in a futile attempt to control our lives and the people around us. Our daily focus then revolves around who or what needs fixing today so that we can avoid pain, feel safe, and comfort. 

 This problem-of-the-day mentality stems from fear: fear we’re not okay; fear those we love are not okay; or that the world we live in is not safe and if we could just get in there and solve all the problems, we’d be fine and maybe even save the rest of humanity.

 Michael Singer in his book The Untethered Soul, says we have given our minds an impossible task:  we have told our minds it’s the mind’s job to solve all of our personal problems.   Given this task, gradually our minds have taken charge of our lives filling us with a constant, anxious inner talk that’s trying to solve and control something it has very little control over: life.

 This mental chatter is a form of suffering.  It’s an inner weight we carry stemming from our fear of experiencing pain, anguish or sorrow. In an effort to avoid suffering we try to control and manipulate our inner and outer world through our thoughts—an insurmountable task.

 Singer tells us we need to fire our minds.  We need to tell our thinking psyche it is no longer responsible for accomplishing the impossible task of controlling others and ourselves.  Instead, he says, we need to relax, release, and allow our hearts to lead us.

 Our hearts, our Self, are the essence of our soul within us allowing life to unfold.  Our soul simply observes the thinking mind, does not get involved in its melodrama but rather experiences life and ourselves as whole and complete in the present moment, aware of the truth and beauty, which is guiding us. 

 When we live from our soul, we are able to experience the joy and the pain of life and be okay with everything.  And the truth is, Singer writes, “Everything will be okay as soon as you are okay with everything.”

 This is true liberation: untethering ourselves from the bondage of our psyche.  By firing our mind we find freedom to live by letting go of the drama of our thinking and simply observe it.  When we find ourselves caught in our heads trying to fix ourselves and the world around us, we simply relax and release, we drop behind the mind.  Sink into our hearts.  We breathe.

 Once freed from the focus on the constant chatter of our minds by simply observing but not engaging with our thoughts, our hearts are liberated to offer us pure wisdom and guidance from our souls—that part of us which is connected like an umbilical cord to our Source, God, the Creator who is always inviting and guiding us with inspiration and love if we learn to listen instead to the murmur of our hearts.

 I wonder what it would be like to take a liberation challenge. To stop listening to the chatter of all the noisy roommates in my head and simply observe my mind thinking.  What would it be like to relax and sink down into my heart, to get behind my mind and into my soul so that my soul leads and guides me trusting that my mind will follow my heart?  Instead of always trying to push the river of my life, would my life instead naturally flow? Unfold.

 It may sound ethereal, all this talk of freeing myself from my psyche so I can live instead from my soul, but perhaps it’s as simple as reminding myself to relax and release when I feel the anxious clucking starting back up in my head. 

 What would it be like to live from that place of true peace and acceptance?  What would it feel like to have my heart lead me instead of my noisy clanging mind? 

 Liberation.  Peace.  Perhaps that’s how we were wired in the first place, and with the gentle discipline of learning to relax and release we can get back home, back to our souls.



Game Plan:  Take a liberation challenge. For the next five days try living from your heart instead of from your mind.  Become aware of the anxious chatter in your head when it occurs.  Instead of participating in the noise stirred up by the psyche, try simply reminding yourself to relax and release.  Stop.  Take a deep breathe.  Let go. Then notice how you are able to sink down into your heart.  Notice how peaceful your heart is when you let it guide you with its gentle wisdom.  Experience this new liberation as true freedom for your soul. 

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