Let Your Roots Run Deep

Let Your Roots Run Deep

 Oak trees, which can tower over one hundred feet into the sky, are said to have massive root systems that are four to seven times the width of the tree’s crown. The roots bring the tree moisture and nutrients for its lifetime. The main axis of the root system is the taproot that penetrates deeply into the ground and is used by the tree for food storage.

 These roots give the mighty oak the ability to sustain itself through windstorms so it doesn’t topple. They give the tree the sustenance needed to grow taller, to store up food and nutrients to feed upon during the dry season.

 The oak is then able to provide shade and beauty; to produce an abundance of acorns, feeding the brown and black squirrels feasting beneath the tree’s canopy.

 We also need a root system to sustain us. We need a depth, a connection, to strengthen and feed us; to help us weather the storms of life and keep us firmly grounded.


 Our taproot is the Holy Spirit, the Voice of God, the Quiet Whisper, the connection to the Creator found deep within our souls.   The voice of God can be heard during quiet times of meditation or through contemplating words of scripture or other inspiring texts. It can also be heard through a gentle inner dialogue with God throughout the course of the day much like we converse with our friends or partners.


 These quiet times nurture, feed, and sustain us much like the oak’s roots. They become our taproot through which we find and store up wisdom.


 Taking time each day to root ourselves by listening for the creator’s voice within, allows us to become more centered and balanced. We’re able to endure the winds of life, which sometimes pound against us. And during seasons of rich harvest we’re able to remain connected with gratitude deeply embedded in God.


Rooted in wisdom, we’re able to strengthen and nurture others on our path by pointing them toward the spirit of truth that lives in them. Breathing. Guiding. We produce the fruit of love and compassion reminding others of who they are and how much God loves them.

 Each of us has been gifted with a soul buried deep within our being that connects us to the voice of God—our taproot—the source of wisdom and love.


Find your taproot.

Drink of its beauty.













Brian Plachta

June 2014

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