Inner Compass Groups, continued

This Inner Compass encourages us to grow, and to find balance and wholeness in our lives. It beckons us to listen for, find and use our inner wisdom to create the life that we have been invited by our Creator to enjoy.

This Inner Compass is called different names by various spiritual traditions:

  • Native Americans call it the Great Spirit, which we often experience in our bodies as a gut instinct
  • In the Twelve-Step Tradition, it is called God as we understand him
  • Christians believe the Inner Compass is the Holy Spirit, which God promised to send each of us so we may have the Spirit of Truth living and breathing within us
  • The Jewish tradition refers to this Inner Compass as Wisdom
  • The Eastern traditions refer to this in-dwelling presence, which leads and guides us, as our Soul

Regardless of what name we choose to call this Inner Compass, we are all gifted with the innate ability to stop and listen, to hear the still, small voice within, an inner quiet leading us home.

In our fast-paced world, our Inner Compass gets drowned out by the noise and information that we’re bombarded with every day. Like any other muscle with which we have been born, it takes time, practice and the wisdom of other seekers on the path to help us exercise and develop this gift.

Inner Compass groups provide an opportunity for each of us to learn more about our inner guide, to exercise the “discernment muscle” within each of us in the safety of a small-group setting where we can share our stories about life in the ditches, peaks and valleys—stories that receive us, shape us, strengthen us and help explain the world to us.

Inner Compass groups are formed naturally as five to six people gather together with a trained facilitator to listen to their lives together, to hear what and where wisdom is inviting them through and in the normal course of their daily lives.

If you are interested in learning more about how an Inner Compass group experience can help to sharpen your focus, encourage your growth and lead to you to a deeper understanding of yourself and the world in which we live, please contact us. We will schedule an informational meeting where you can learn more about the Inner Compass and experience the process without commitment.

For more information on Inner Compass Groups, please send us a message via our Contact page.

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