In this Moment there is Peace

Have you ever had one of those moments where you were fully at peace? Connected to yourself, to everything around you, to God, to all?

Remember what that felt like.






Pure Flow.

Perhaps that’s the feeling God experienced when he completed Creation—the seventh day. For one moment God, the world, and all of Creation were at peace.

And if the wisdom teachers are correct, if there is no such thing as linear time, only kairos—where the past, present, and future are one in the Eternal Now, then we can feel that some sense of peace we’ve experienced, that God experienced—here—now—forever.

If we feel unsettled, anxious, disconnected, we can return to that eternal peace simply by remembering. Remembering peace lives in this moment, forever in us, in this world, if we desire it.

What if each of us, regardless of our faith tradition, life circumstances, or age returned to that peace in every moment, felt its presence in our body, in the space between each breath?

In those kairos moments we breathe in the same peace God experienced when having painted his masterpiece of Creation he set down his brush, paused, inhaled a cloud breath, exhaled love, and exclaimed: It is very good.

Think if that moment was eternal. Forever. Timeless. For one moment all people were at peace with themselves, God, and all of Creation.

That moment is Now. The Eternal Now exists in you and me as we awaken to its Presence.



Breathe in Peace.

Breathe out fear.

Peace is in this moment.



Brian Plachta
September 11, 2015

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