Have you ever played the card game, I Doubt It?

You get a group of cards, lay them upside down in a discard pile according to the number of cards you have in each suit.  If you lay down more cards than the suit in your hand, you try to bluff the other players. If the other players want to challenge you, they shout, “I doubt it.”  Then you have to flip over the cards you just played to show what you actually laid down in the discard pile.

If you weren’t bluffing, they have to pick up all the cards from the discard pile.  If you are bluffing, you have to pick them up.  The goal is to get rid of all your cards before the other players do.


IMGOOD Pillars of Steel

I Doubt It is a fun game.  But too often we play I doubt it with our lives, in our minds, about some of the most fundamental truths that form the core of our psyche.  Like the core question most of us struggle with, “Am I good?”

Sometimes we’re able to play with a full deck, believe we are good and live from that truth.  When we do, we’re able to live more authentically, love more freely, and find the inner freedom we need to live courageously.  Genuinely.

IMGOOD, we might call it.

But other times, we feel like we’re bluffing; like we really don’t have all the cards we claim we have in our hands.  That’s when we move into survival mode. We feel insecure, unsafe, threatened that someone will reveal the truth and demand we answer their, “I doubt it!” challenge.

But life’s more than an I Doubt It card game.

Life requires us to decide and accept the core truths about who we are and why we’re here—core truths that are part of all of us.

We are good because a Creator who loves us and fashioned us out of his own goodness, his own perfection, made and is making us.

The Creator—divine love—formed us to go forth and create more beauty and love on this earth, like drops of water in the ocean that ripple out to touch, encourage, and inspire other’s lives as others inspire us.

What would it be like on the inside for each of us, if we did not doubt the truth of IMGOOD?

Would we drop the layers of self-protection we pick up along the way?  Would we stand strong in the humble truth of who we are and be able to live with deeper love and forgiveness because we know goodness is a core truth belonging to all of us? No matter what we do or endure.

Would our drops of goodness in the ocean of life form a sea of love and compassion connecting us ever more deeply to ourselves, to each other, and to the source of love and life?

Saint Theresa invites us to live from the faith that comes before doubt.  Believing IMGOOD may be the first step of faith each of us must take before we learn how to walk, before our lives form drops of goodness that quench each other’s thirst for love and life.

What does it feel like to believe IMGOOD?

How does that truth resonate within you?

Can you trust in your own goodness?  In God’s goodness flowing within and from you?

–Brian J Plachta

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