If you are wise

“If you are really wise, you’ll think this over—it’s time you appreciated God’s deep love.”

 —Psalm 107


Perhaps the Psalmist David is right, we do need to focus more on God’s deep love for us, rather than our own shortcomings, distractions and problems.  When I focus on God’s love, my perspective changes.  I open my heart to see the beauty in the trees, the unconditional love of my family pet.  I sense in my body a rush of air rising up within me that feels like the breath of God inviting me to let God’s love simply embrace me. Envelop me.


When I focus on my problems, my to-do list, the issues I need to deal with today, I sense just the opposite of God’s deep love. I sense fear.  I become tense and anxious.  I close my heart feeling overwhelmed by life and all of its challenges.


It’s not that we don’t have to take care of the things on our to-do list, or work through the problems we face, but tending the holy first by receiving and embracing God’s love for us is the foundation of a whole and balanced life.  By breathing in and appreciating God’s deep love we become God’s prayer; Co-creators with the Creator.

 God reaching for man 

Game Plan:  Ponder God’s deep love for you today.  Where do you feel that love in your body?  Where do you see God’s love revealed to you in concrete ways?  Whenever your mind tries to lead you back to focusing on the problems and other distractions in your life, gently bring yourself back to your center by thinking about God’s deep love.

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