I Am Enough

So much of television and radio—the cult of consumerism—is rooted in the covert message: you need more; you’re not enough unless…you buy this product, drive this car or truck, have this body, have these beautiful people surrounding you.

It’s a message targeted at one of our core insecurities: Am I enough?

And the simple answer is: Yes. I am enough. As I am. Here and now. With or without pimples. With or without a Dodge Ram pickup truck.

Coming to a deeper acceptance of that truth, that I am enough, is a fundamental building block of wholeness. If we can’t accept ourselves, we’ll tend to be judgmental of others. If we can’t practice humble self-compassion, we’ll likely be harsh with others, like we are with ourselves.

Man in shadow with head in his hands

The belief that I am enough goes to the heart of our identity. Each of us is fashioned with unique gifts and talents by a Creator who made us in his image and likeness. And if the Creator formed us out of love, we must be enough, at least for him.

Practicing I am enough takes time and effort. We need to become aware when we send ourselves those I’m not enough messages.

When we look in the mirror and see the IPA beer we’ve been drinking has increased our fat pads over the years, we need to counter that message with the thought, yes, perhaps I’ve gained a few pounds and may need to start drinking Miller Lite instead of All-Day IPA, but I respect myself because of who I am: a beloved son or daughter of a loving God.

What would it be like if all of us believed we are enough?

Maybe we’d only buy the products we need for the basics of life: food, water and shelter. We’d stop comparing ourselves to others, and spend more time loving and appreciating them, maybe even encouraging each other.

The competition between ourselves and within ourselves would muffle itself, replaced with thoughts of gratitude for the gifts we’ve received in our life: loving relationships, health, and growing wisdom.

Scripture says we must love our neighbors as ourselves. Maybe that’s where we need to begin: with ourselves; loving, appreciating, and affirming ourselves so that we can love others from the inside out.

So today, rather than taking the 90-day Bow flex challenge to build a buff body, let’s take a 90-day challenge to affirm ourselves as often as we can throughout the day. Let’s replace our negative self-loathing thoughts with the truth: I am enough.

What do you think? Are you enough?
How does that change your perception of who you are? Of who others are?
Can you take the 90-day I am enough challenge?

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