I Am: Me

I am meWho are we?  Who is God for us?  These are two important questions we can ask ourselves from time to time to keep us on track, pointed in the right direction.

I Am.  That’s a phrase that describes these days for me who God is and who I am.

God is the creator, the source of our being, our very breath.  The I Am who always was and always will be in love with us, because God created us.

God created each of us in God’s image.  Therefore, we are the I Am also…

…the I Am that is Me.

The Me who has been gifted with a unique personality to be the creative energy of God in this world, to love and be loved.

Somehow defining who God is and who I am helps us remember whose we are. And when we remember whose we are, we see ourselves and God in a whole new light.

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  1. wonderfully terrific and ever inspiring – thanx!


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