There is a hunger inside each of us—a hunger for God, a hunger to experience God.  Here and now.  

Many of us hide that hunger or seek to fill it with something other than what we authentically seek.  Work. Sports.  Shopping. Internet fleshpots. Television. Food. Alcohol. 

 Until we name the hunger we’ll continue to search in the wrong places to fill it.  When we identify who or what we’re hungry for, the path to peace and wholeness begins. Our hunger points us to our soul.

 The hunger is never fully satisfied, but at least we know now what we’re hungry for as we seek the spiritual food for which our souls are longing.  

 Meditation. Contemplation. Spiritual reading. Become the feast for our hungry souls.







  1. it is w/o reservation that the hunger exists in my being and what i have always yearned for was the fullfilment of my soul – my being.
    as i enter the threshold of the second half of life i am grateful for the creator, the great mystery & the many friends whos wise words & wisdom they have shared with me to guide and mentor me through that doorway to my ‘self’


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