Homeland Security

Homeland Security

 Security: the state of being free from danger or threat

-Webster’s Dictionary


 Television news and newspapers are all abuzz about security these days.  Homeland security.  Airport security.  Guns and security. 

 At its core, perhaps our desire for security centers around our need to feel safe. The need to feel safe that our loved ones will always be there for us.  The need to know that if we get sick, someone will help us through the healing process or usher us home to the other side.  The need to feel protected from the mistreatment others sometimes inflict upon us.

 And while our need to feel safe is important, the older I get the more I’m coming to realize that these are all forms of outside security that come from circumstances over which I have little or no control.  Loved ones die.  People walk away from us.  Life changes. 

 And perhaps because life is so uncertain, I’m coming to understand true security comes from the inside; the security that arises when I connect with my inner compass, wisdom, and intuition; when I learn to respect what I know in my heart is truth.   That kind of inner security I do have more control over simply by creating space for daily quiet time in my life, time to reflect, listen, and reconnect with my soul.

 As I look inward to find a deeper sense of security I’m finding I don’t cling as much to people and things. I take my hands off other’s lives, let them be who they need to be, let our relationship as spouses, partners, friends, parents, and colleagues, simply unfold.

One of the ways we can nurture our sense of inner security is to look at the evidence of our lives over the years.  Looking back at what we’ve endured, how we’ve made good choices, learned wisdom from the bad choices, and not only survived, but excelled in living, helps us realize we are strong. We’ve learned we don’t need to protect ourselves from pain or sorrow because suffering is simply part of being fully human and we know how to move through and beyond our suffering into a place of peace and joy and deeper wisdom. Looking back, we can now say with conviction, I am safeI’ve always been safe, and I’ll be safe no matter what lies ahead of me.

 Inner security.  Maybe it’s part of the natural aging process, part of the journey home to ourselves.  This inner peace is a gift from the one who created us, the one who speaks to us through an inner voice that has no voice but is as real as our soul.



Game Plan:  Who or what are you clinging to?  What would happen if those people or things were lost or taken from you in an instant?  Would you survive?  Where would you find inner peace?  What would it be like if you found security by listening and trusting your inner voice, the voice of your soul?  Is your inner security more sustainable, safer, and more controllable than the people and things you are clinging to?

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