Holy Holey Wholly

Our lives teeter-totter back and forth between feeling holy at times and feeling holey at others.

In those moments of holiness we feel connected to God, others, and ourselves. We have a sense we’re living our lives as we’re intended. We’re making a difference in the world, being transformed into deeper wholeness.

Yet we also struggle with our holey-ness: feeling imperfect, leaky, wounded, uncertain, and fearful. We feel we’re not good enough, don’t measure up, that we’re flawed. It’s like there’s a mysterious black hole inside of us aching to be healed, but we can’t find the cure.

Perhaps holy and holey are friends. They hold us in balance. They’re the ying and yang of life. And the more we accept both parts of ourselves—the holy and the holey—the more we become wholly human.

We need holiness to remind us we’re God’s beloved. We’re created with love and live in love for God, others, and ourselves. We’re part of God’s Wholeness.

Yet our holey-ness reminds us we’re still growing, changing, transforming. Our life experiences are shaping and forming us, helping us develop deeper wisdom as we learn how to lean into the inner voice of the One who provides us with guidance and direction.

Can we allow holiness and holey-ness to live alongside each other as part of the mystery of our human wholeness?

Is it possible we don’t need to reconcile these often-conflicting parts of ourselves? We don’t have to force one to meld into the other.

Instead, perhaps allowing the pleasant tension between holy and holey to invite us into a deeper wholeness is the key to knowing that the Creator is molding us into the image and likeness of who we already are: expressions of Divine Love being shaped and polished.



 Can I allow myself the freedom to be fully human: holy, holey, and wholly?


holy holey wholly


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