Have you had your protein shake today?


What do you do in your quiet time asked the young boy to the sage? 

I look at God.  God looks at me.  And we are very happy.

  —German Tale


meditation-cure-for-anxiety-29112011Nutritionists encourage us to consume a protein shake before or after exercising as a way to keep our bodies strong, replace the energy we exerted and stay fit.  So, I have been trying to follow their advice and drink a protein shake after working out each day.

 In the same way, I am finding setting aside some daily quiet time to connect with my Soul, to be present to God, is helping me become much calmer and balanced, more spiritually fit.

 My quiet time, the time to connect, is first thing in the morning.  After making a pot of coffee I sit in my den with a candle lit, wrap myself in a warm blanket and simply listen.  My mind often races in a hundred directions but I have learned that’s okay.  I am here, in this moment simply listening for and to God.

 Sometimes I get a simple word or phrase that rises up within me like a mantra, an anchor for the day.  But more often than not nothing happens.  And I am learning to trust that that’s okay too. 

 Like a farmer creating fallow ground for good seed, I am simply creating space for God and if God chooses to show up now and then and give me a word of wisdom then all the better.  But if that quiet time does not bear immediate fruit, I trust that just like the fallow ground the soil of my soul is being nourished with peace and quiet that becomes my soul’s protein for the day. 


Game Plan:  Try setting aside 15-20 minutes each day, preferably in the morning to sit quietly, simply being still and listening.  After a week or so notice how this quiet time is affecting you.  Does it add a protein shake to your day? 

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