Are You Happy?

Are You Happy?

 God, the Creator’s deepest desire for us is happiness.  God created this world with all its beauty so we can experience a slice of heaven. Here. Now.

 A simple question God might ask us to consider then is, “Are you happy?”

 For most of us the answer is a mixed bag.  There are some aspects of our lives that make us happy and others we wish we could change.

 Consider making a list of all the things that make you happy.  Try and come up with at least 7-10 things that bring you joy, for which you are grateful.

 Ponder that list.  Hold it in your mind’s eye.  Savor those things that bring you happiness. Experience with inner vision the light and strength, the energy that rises up within as you consider each of these gifts of happiness.

 Then make a list of the things you wish you could change about your life.  Be as specific and realistic as possible asking yourself, “If I could, what would I change about me, about my life?”

 After you’ve made that list, consider for each item whether there are some concrete steps you can take to change that aspect of your life; or whether that part of your life is something you’re being invited to simply accept. 

 Spend some time in the quiet with this list.  Ask the Creator to help you listen for the answers that already exist within your heart, which you already know, but which you simply need to become more aware. Focused. Quiet.

 This simple exercise, which we can come back to as often as needed, allows us to recognize the solutions, the answers to our life already exist within us.  We just have to learn to become quiet so we can listen more deeply to our soul, to the God-within-us that holds the answers.

 This gentle practice also reminds us to relish the good that already exists in our life knowing we have the ability to change those aspects of our life, which are inviting us, nudging us to grow. 


The problem and its solution abide side-by-side within us.

Light, love, and happiness are within.


—brian plachta



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