How do you say thank you to a Creator you cannot get your arms around?


You let him put his arms around you, and bask in his love with a grateful heart.











brian plachta


  1. This Thanksgiving Day I’m reflecting on the gifts given me in the form of ongoing relationships in which I “bask in God’s Love.” The voices and hugs of those close to me become the skin and bones of God that I long for. I recall Richard Rohr’s assertion: “One’s biggest secrets and deepest desires are usually revealed to others, and even discovered by ourselves, in the presence of sorrow, failure, or need—when we are very vulnerable and when one feels entirely safe in the arms of someone’s love (Immortal Diamond: The Search for Our True Self, page 165). It seems that at times of crisis and keen need we become more open to spaces of vulnerability. We may then be most open to the risk inherent in all intimate sharing.

    • God with Skin! Immanuel—God is with us! Good stuff Larry!


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