If we could just learn this one lesson, God.

If we could let go of the voices in our head that tell us we are not.

If we could quiet the clamoring demons in our minds that dagger us with their incessant assaults, their clanging untruths.

If we could stop trying to earn your love, and center ourselves in the truth of what our hearts know but our minds cannot grasp.

Say it: I am good.

Say it again: I am good.

Say those words so that they might become flesh in you, so that God can incarnate himself in and through you.

Why do we hang on to those voices that tell us we are not good? Why do we cling to them like a sad lonely child grasping desperately for approval, affirmation. Love.

Why is it so easy to see the good in others, but struggle and resist seeing the good you have placed in us?



I am good.

And all creation is good because you created it and if we would let go of our stubborn doubt about who we are and whether we are good, we might get on to the work you have invited us to do in this world. We might embrace our Truth and be about helping you unite heaven and earth, here and now. We might pick up our gifts with calloused hands and help build the kingdom of love as it is in heaven so it can be here on earth now.

Unite the heaven and earth in us God. Take our fragile, beaten egos and polish them with your love.  Help us accept the goodness, your goodness, through which you have fashioned and formed, and are transforming us.

Help us understand that love has no logic. It cannot be grasped with the mind, but only received openly, innocently by the heart.

All creation is your masterpiece. We are your work of art.

The tree does not doubt its goodness. It stands straight and tall, allowing you to paint your colors upon its leaves as it digs its roots deeply into the groin of earth. Centered in its truth. Brushed with your love. Swaying to the music of your breath dancing in the wind.

Let us be like the tree—unquestioning our goodness. Standing tall in our power, the power of your love in and for and through us. Help us embrace your goodness in us.


 May I come to know the depth and breadth of God’s love for me.

 -Ephesians 3:16



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