Am I Good? Good Enough?

We’re made in the image of our higher power to be an imaginative life-force using our skills and talents, the tools of our trade, to enhance the world. 

But somewhere along the line there’s a tension, a friction arises within us as a result of life’s experiences. People criticize us. Condemn us. We begin to doubt ourselves, to question our basic goodness. And so we ramble through life struggling with two underlying questions: Am I good? Am I good enough?

We need to nail the truth that we are good. We need to fasten and hammer that truth into our heads and hearts so we stop doubting our fundamental nature: God, the creator made us in his likeness, so, we are good.

That’s how we’re made and wired, fastened and nailed together: fundamentally good.

—brian plachta—Pillars of Steel Life Toolbox


  1. At one level I surely believe this good news! But at a deeper level I this nearly impossible to grasp.

    Most of our earlier and middle years are devoted to proving ourselves to be worthy. As adolescents we long to be physically appealing and athletically talented young men. As young adults we’re focused on demonstrating that we’ll work harder and faster than our peers – academically, professionally. We slide into the belief that we are what distinguishes us from the pack; and always we are hiding our foibles and vulnerabilities while presenting ourselves as strong, dependable, and successful “supermen”. We even find ways of “excelling” within the politics and social fabric of church.

    I desperately want to believe the truth “we are good”. I know it’s true! I encourage others to recognize those evidences of God’s goodness within their impulses and longings. But I confess I often drift into living the cultural dictum: “You are the difference you make”.

    I wait for God’s grace to transform this part of my continuing doubt and disbelief. I have a sense that we as men have enormous potential for being a this grace of transformation for each other.

    • Good thoughts. Two things rise up in me as I ponder your reflections:

      1. Perhaps the way we adore God, is to let God embrace us with his love and remind us that we are whole, complete and One right here and now. Turing away from the illusion that we are not whole and complete and one with God is our way of adoring God as he adores us.

      2. I agree that we as men have enormous potential for being part of God’s transforming grace for each other. There is something powerful and real and authentic when a man affirms another man. It goes to the core or our masculinity and reminds us of who we already are.

      You are a good man and a man of deep wisdom and faith. Ride On!!!!

      • Thanks Brian. I’m looking forward to spending some time together Wednesday.


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