What If God’s Not Real

Sometimes it’s important to ask the tough questions; the I’m-not-so-sure questions; the deep, perplexing, fundamental doubting-Thomas questions.


Because faith is born out of doubt. And faith that’s not doubted can soon become self-righteous belief. God-in-my-box.

Man looks over a cloudy sea; Pillars of SteelSo fora moment, what if we stepped back, took a deep lingering pause, and asked the question that theologians, poets, and philosophers have pondered but never really solved: “What if God’s not real?”

Would those of us raised on faith and tradition lose our hope, and question our reason for existence? Would we waive a belligerent fist at the false god we’ve worshipped struggling to find new beliefs to replace the worn-out ones we’d treasured all those years?

Would those of us who’ve managed to walk away from faith rejoice singing, I told you so, grumbling with self-sufficient logic congratulating ourselves for having convinced others we were right all along?

And would those who don’t care about God anymore dismiss the question as irrelevant so we can get back to the more important demands like making money, and maneuvering others to get what we need?

Perhaps it doesn’t matter how we come to the question. Maybe it’s a question we all ask, we all ponder at some point in our life. Maybe it’s a question intrinsic to being fully human.

And none of us have the answer. We don’t know if God exists or if he is real.

All we have is our experience. Our experience of love.

When the beauty of nature touches us, when we’re kissed by our partner, or affirmed by a friend, we’re reminded that love is real; love exists, even if we can’t see it or fully define it.

Perhaps that’s the simple truth about God: he allows himself to be defined by love; by our experience of love through everything he created.

Love is the genre through which God reveals himself to us, through which God becomes flesh, living and breathing within and among us. As real as our breath. As real as love.

How do you experience the Great Mystery?

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