Is God Enough for Me?










Is God Enough for Me?

 Asking the right questions so we can live into the answers is the pathway of wisdom.

 Holding life’s questions, pondering them, letting the answers rise from our hearts like mist ascending atop a morning pond helps us learn to live into the answers.

  • Is God enough? May be one of those questions we ask ourselves from time to time.

  • Is the God who created the oceans and seas, the hills and the mountains, who’s counted every hair on my head and knows my inner most thoughts, is this God enough for me?

  • Can I live in the mystery of this God the way I enjoy the mystery of a poem, the intrigue of art, or the beauty and divine chaos of nature?

  • Is God enough?

Think back over the events of your life. Was God there for you?

 When you reached out for help and guidance during the tough times did you find an unexpected person who entered your life, a word of wisdom that pointed you back onto the right path, or perhaps an unexpected strength within yourself that you didn’t realize was there all along?

 If so, could it be that God was enough for you? Then. And perhaps now.

 Stopping to recognize God’s guidance, his love and protection woven in tangible ways into the events of our lives helps us realize God is there for us—always—and in being present to us with his love and guidance he is enough for us.

 And once we come to trust that God is enough, maybe we can accept that we don’t have to be enough. We don’t need to have all the answers, don’t need to be perfect, don’t need to understand where our path is leading.

 We just need to be ourselves—perfectly human. The “I am who I am in the eyes of God,” St. Francis reminds us. Here and now. As I am. Nothing more. Nothing less.


 Is God enough for me?

Do I have to be enough?

How does my perspective shift when I allow God to be enough, accepting who I am—nothing more—nothing less?

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