Remember your first love?


Remember sitting endlessly staring at him or her, into their eyes, into the small bright white glow smiling from behind their pupils sensing your hearts were totally, mysteriously connected?


Not needing words or language to experience each other.

Knowing you had found the one you had been looking for all those years.




Aimlessly staring into their heart, into your souls.







Maybe we seek, and for short moments find, the same love with God. Maybe we have been naturally gifted with a yearning for those quiet moments where we experience God looking at us—us looking at God.


And the power we have as we approach God, our first love, is our desire: our pure, raw, wounded desire.


A desire, which seeks to love and be loved.


A desire beyond words or understanding, willing to accept the mystery of God as well as the mystery of ourselves;


A desire that trusts so deeply we are willing to be lost and lead.


Perhaps this longing, this desire is our soul’s journey; our on-going love affair with God; God’s on-going love affair with us.


To touch this power we need only sit each day for a few moments before the world awakes and stare into God’s ancient eyes, into his flawless heart, opening our souls to receive God’s love. Letting God’s gaze touch and transform us.




Sit in the silence for a few minutes today and simply let God embrace you.

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