Game On

Game On

“By three methods we may learn wisdom: first, by reflection, which is noblest; second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.”


When a quarterback enters into a huddle with his teammates, he typically has a plan, a strategy for the next play. He and his coach assess what’s working so far in the game and what they need to do to move the ball forward. Having a game plan helps make a quarterback an effective leader.

In a similar way we are invited to quarterback our lives, to work alongside the Creator, our coach, and create the life with which we have been gifted. And if we desire to move our lives forward in a direction that is life giving for our loved ones, and us, we need a game plan.

Two simple questions can help us focus our lives; one question invites us to look backward, the other forward:

Looking Back: Reflecting upon the past year, what did I learn from my life experiences, what wisdom did I gain about myself, others, about God, about life?

Looking forward: As I move into a new year, what dreams do I sense are rising up in me, what do I feel nudging me to move forward with, what dreams is God dreaming in me that I would like to become a reality?

These reflection questions provide me with a focus point to view my life and flow into the next year. They become reflected experience, the game plan for my life, which helps me grow. I often go back and look at what I journaled about in previous years with these two questions to see if they provide new insight that might help me sharpen my game and live more intentionally. They help me get, and keep my game on.

Game Plan: Spend some time in the quiet reflecting and journaling your thoughts on these two questions:

1. What did I learn, what wisdom did I gain during this past year from my life experiences?

2. What dreams are dreaming within me, what ideas are nudging me to pursue?

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  1. ‘dress to impress’, i was told . . . and i wondered who it was i was supposed to ‘impress’.
    i assumed then and realize even more now – it does not matter, my exterior,
    not nearly as much as my inner, my inner-compass.
    . . . and as i reach into this new cycle, a new age of man, this new year, those dreams of long ago i once held near and dear, unfold inside – to my second half of life.

    create – create – create


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