Forgive But Don’t Forget

 As we move through life we experience hardship; other people hurt us; disappoint us; even take advantage of us.

 We have a choice of what we do with these life experiences. We can hang onto them, close our hearts to try and protect ourselves, but that fact remains, we will get hurt again because people are imperfect. And by following this all too familiar road, we’ll only become bitter.

 On the other hand we can forgive—others and ourselves—but not forget the wisdom we’ve learned as a result of the experience.

 What we’ve learned from life’s difficulties might include the following:

  • I am stronger than I realized.

  • I can bend but not break.

  • I am not a victim.

  • I know who I am, and it’s not what others think or say.

  • I am God’s beloved, in whom God is well pleased.

  • God loves me.

  • I am loved by myself and by a handful of others who care about me.

  • Life is hard at times, and it’s also beautiful, much of the time.

  • I can let go of expectations of myself and of others.

  • I can walk away from a fight and not have to be right or wrong.

  • In the end, love does win.


 By focusing on the wisdom we’ve learned from life’s experiences, we can learn to be gentler with ourselves and with others. We can let go of the past and glean what we need to learn so we can be fully present in this moment.

 Forgiveness is part of the journey, and so is wisdom. By letting go of past and forgiving those who’ve hurt us we become stronger, wiser, we may even surprise ourselves.

 Consider the importance of forgiving, but don’t forget the wisdom you’ve learned as you continue to grow in love.

 Who or what do I need to forgive today?

What have I learned from the experience?

How have I grown in love?

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