Finding Rhythm

“All nature works, and then rests; works and rests.”

Elizabeth Towne, 1904

Life is fast-paced. Faxes, texts, tweets, emails, voicemails, cell phones, and landlines all keep us connected, but often wage attacks on our time. And the horde of technology available to us at our homes and offices encourages us to multi-task, invading our ability to slow down and breathe, preventing us from taking life one moment, one task at a time.

So, how do we keep pace and keep peace? How do we find a rhythm that inspires more balance in our lives?

Imitating nature’s gentle pattern of work-and-rest is one possibility.

  • Finding quiet time in the morning to sit alone in the silence with a candle lit and a cup of coffee listening to our souls helps provide us with a word of life to carry into the day as a gentle mantra, adjusting our perspective so we can move into the day more intentionally. Peacefully.

  • Closing the door to our office and putting our phone on do not disturb for an hour gives us the freedom to focus on one project at a time without the constant bombardment of competing demands.

  • Creating specific times of the day to answer emails and respond to phone calls instead of being available twenty-four seven, allows us room to breathe, time to chill.

  • Taking a break by going for a walk or stopping work for a moment to close our eyes and say a prayer mid-day re-centers us.

Our natural rhythm of balanced work and rest is available to us every time we create space to relax, breathe, and re-connect with ourselves. It may take a gentle discipline to develop this ebb and flow with life, but as we do, we become more compassionate with others, and ourselves, leaving the frenzy behind.

Game plan:


Observe the patterns of nature. Where do you find natural rhythms of work and rest?


How can you integrate this natural rhythm into your life?


How does the integration of a natural rhythm of balanced work and rest into your day give you deeper peace and compassion? Perhaps even allowing you to become more efficient?



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