Finding Purpose

We often struggle with mind chatter: Who am I? What’s my purpose in life? How do I find wholeness? Why do I feel angry, disconnected or discontented? Am I on the right track?

The questions that rattle around our brains can become complex, confusing, so much so that we begin to doubt ourselves, our value, our goodness. We get stuck. Stuck in our heads. Angry. Frustrated. Doubtful.

Perhaps underneath all the inner noise lies a deeper question: what’s my purpose? And maybe the simple answer that quiets our monkey mind is this: we’re here to help others.

Think of the great leaders we look up to and respect. Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Jesus, Buddha, Martin Luther King Jr. The common thread between these spiritual giants is the fact that they helped other people; the focus of their loves centered on encouraging, lifting up, and walking alongside others.

Recall the people in your life you love and admire. Parents. Teachers. Friends. Coaches. Mentors. We appreciate these everyday saints because they support us, reinforce our goodness, and help make life better for us. They give us perspective. Clarity.

Remember a time you felt good about yourself recently; a moment you felt useful, productive, and alive with passion. Chances are you were probably using your gifts and talents to assist someone, and in doing so helped yourself feel centered, whole, and successful.

Helping others takes us out of our heads and into our hearts. It fills the mundane tasks we have to do in life with an inner knowing that we are good. We do make a difference. It makes real and tangible the very purpose for which we were created: to help one another, just like God helps us. Paying it forward.


 When was the last time I recall helping someone else? What was I doing? How did I help? How did I feel?

 Could my purpose be that simple: helping others?

 How does that inner knowing shift my perspective? Quiet my mind. Lead me to my heart?


Helping Others




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